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StartingGate believes a project’s success should be measured by the benefits the project provides to the community’s quality of life.


Thoughtful Planning is the key to a successful project.


When StartingGate first looks at a potential project site, Understanding the confluence of factors influencing the nature of the proposed development is our primary concern. StartingGate works with the public entity ownership and the community seeking to find the right use and best fit for the land.


Reaching a common Consensus for public land whether it remains public land or is sold to the private sector is of paramount concern to civic leaders. StartingGate seeks to balance community concerns with practicality as to what is and what is not feasible and strives to reach Consensus for its constituents.


Zoning Ordinances and General Plans offer generalized designations for land use. After vetting out the best use or uses for the land, StartingGate Analyzes the site for the proposed use and calculates the land value necessary to support each project use. StartingGate provides sensible project development strategies to minimize project risk and maximize land value.


Both public entities owning land and private property land owners need to evaluate the right use and then determine who is the right developer to carry out the vision. StartingGate uses a sophisticated online RFQ and RFP process to ensure that only qualified developers who share a city’s vision for the land are Selected and given the green light to move forward on the project. Clearly defining the project and adjusting the land value to fit the project’s valuation criteria is the critical step in StartingGate’s sensible project development approach.


Regular meetings supported by detailed progress reports monitoring the Entitlement process ensures that the project remains on schedule.


Entitling and obtaining the necessary approvals and permits for a development project is an expensive, labor intensive and time consuming Process. StartingGate executives have the knowhow and deft negotiating skills to assist in the processing of project entitlement and will work with staff and the developer to create a reasonable and workable project schedule for the project. Working as an extension of both the land owner and the developer, StartingGate facilitates a smooth and streamlined entitlement effort.


Because of StartingGate’s sensible project development process, the project has already been defined through a Development and Disposition Agreement (DDA) which provides a significant level of city control. Our systematic approach ensures that the landowner remains in control of their asset thought the project’s development process.


StartingGate Monitors the key components of the development process insuring that the “i’s” are dotted and the permitting process remains on schedule. Cost overruns and permitting delays are problematic for any project and StartingGate keeps a close watch on these issues and will alert the city if any major issues arise.


When the entitlement process is nearing its conclusion, it is time to Close on the land.


StartingGate’s innovative Approach is to allow the selected developer enough time to finalize entitlements and therefore maximize the value of the land before closing escrow. Sensible project development has always dictated this approach, but it is seldom used in a world where the timeliness of a close is often weighed more than the risk of a project. Allowing a developer to receive all necessary entitlements minimizes the risk of a project. This sensible approach will enhance the quality of developers and while enabling them to pay the highest price for the land.


StartingGate believes in taking a project full circle: from planning the concept, securing the tenants or users, site planing and feasibility analysis, entitling the project and then seeing it through closing.

Our Services, At A Glance…

  • Assisting City Staff

  • Land-Use Strategy

  • Property Review

  • Community Outreach / Workshops

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • RFQ / RFP Administration

  • RFQ Processing, Screening and Oversight

  • Peer Review

  • Disposition Strategies

  • Online Auction Services

  • Broker / Developer Liaison

  • Trade Area Survey / Void Analysis

  • Tenant / Use Recruitment

  • Entitlement Checklist

  • Entitlement DDA Compliance

  • Entitlement Process Reporting

  • Public Works Coordination

  • DOF / Oversight Board Compliance

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