Planning Services

StartingGate provides professional consulting services that enable a city to augment and maximize their existing staff utility:

Assisting City Staff

Budget cuts have slashed the funding for development services. StartingGate provides professional services essential for project development at a fraction of the cost of full time staff.

Land-Use Strategy

Not everyone shares the same vision for a property and what is best for the community. StartingGate works as directed by a city or property owner to devise a land-use strategy that fulfills the vision of the project.

Property Review

StartingGate will provide a comprehensive review of a property when directed, covering title, surveys, zoning and other issues that have a direct effect on the project development.

Community Outreach / Workshops

When so directed, StartingGate will reach out to the community and conduct workshops and an outreach to the residents and businesses surrounding the project to find out their comments and concerns.

Feasibility Analysis

On a case-by-case basis, StartingGate will create financial models to support land valuation for each project type directed by the city. These proformas derive a land value that can be adjusted subject to financial changes in the market.

RFQ / RFP Administration

StartingGate will work with City staff to develop the appropriate Request for Qualification (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation to solicit the right developer for the project.

RFQ Processing, Screening and Oversight

StartingGate will review all qualified submissions and screen the project concept and components as directed.

Peer Review

Once all qualified project submissions have been vetted and finalized, StartingGate will conduct a detailed peer review of each project to create a matrix for ease of project comparison.

Disposition Strategies

StartingGate will work with staff to determine the right method of disposition for public land. Public owners will have the opportunity to utilize StartingGate’s online auction capability developed to sell public land subject to entitlement prior to close. When auction is not preferred, a City may opt to sell the property themselves with assistance from StartingGate.

Online Auction Services

StartingGate has developed an online auction capability that is oriented toward auctioning land to qualified developers with complete transparency. Putting the project first, StartingGate is a proponent of allowing qualified developers to receive all necessary entitlements prior to closing on the purchase of the land—or the land may be auctioned unentitled (raw) if a faster close is preferred.

Broker / Developer Liaison

StartingGate will provide the vital service of broker or developer liaison for the city, using its expert development / brokerage capabilities to respond to all requests.

Trade Area Survey / Void Analysis

Finding the right use or tenant(s) often comes down to determining which uses are not currently being served in the surrounding trade area. StartingGate will conduct a trade area survey or review to find the right use(s).

Tenant / Use Recruitment

StartingGate will review the surrounding trade area and recommend uses for each project and then contact these tenants to determine interest.

Entitlement Checklist

Entitling a project is a time consuming and expensive process with “layer upon layer” of approvals necessary. No two cities or projects are truly alike and StartingGate will create an entitlement checklist and a timetable for each proposed project.

Entitlement DDA Compliance

Ensuring that the right project is constructed after the close generally requires that the developer execute a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) prepared by a licensed attorney for the city. StartingGate will assist the attorney with crafting the DDA to ensure that the content and vision for the project is maintained.

Entitlement Process Reporting

StartingGate will prepare reports on a predetermined schedule to evaluate the progress of the project.

Public Works Coordination

StartingGate will coordinate with public works departments to address their concerns and requirements to the developer and to staff.

DOF / Oversight Board Compliance

If the public property is a former Redevelopment Agency asset now owned by a Successor Agency, then a complex series of reviews and approvals need to be processed. StartingGate personnel have met with Successor Agencies, Oversight Board Members and even the California Department of Finance concerning disposition and compliance.