Why StartingGate?

Because if you are a City Manager or a public official, StartingGate was conceptualized and then created for you. StartingGate puts you back in control of your public land disposition insuring the public private partnership (P3) that you and your constituents envision gets built the way you want it.

Drawing on over 100 years of commercial real estate know how and experience, StartingGate Executives sought out the most trusted firms and associations advising on P3 partnerships to advise on our business model:

StartingGate’s unique approach gives you back the leverage and control. Our easy-to-use online RFQ allows you to review and then select the right developer for the project.   Our residual-land use analysis calculations “back into” a land valuation per project type. Land value is primarily a function of what gets built on it and while another drug store may pay more rent, your constitutes may prefer to see an urgent care or day care on the site. StartingGate’s approach ensures that the needs of the community are prioritized.

Developers are risk-adverse. Though certainly not original, StartingGate’s Plan, Entitle, Close approach to project development is sensible as it takes the entitlement risk out of the equation. In so doing, a developer is free to focus on the project and not how much time due diligence time he has left before he is forced to close. And because the entitlement risk has been removed, developers can “sharpen their pencil” and pay a premium for your developable land. And if a developer falters down the road, you still own the land so a new developer can be engaged to finish the entitlement and the project. Our approach has been enthusiastically received by all facets of the development community.

Simply put, StartingGate puts the project first. Our project development model and process is both timely and affordable. Let us help you implement your next P3 project.